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The Annunciation

Anonymous painter | School of the Lourinhã Master | 16th century | Oil on wood | 1180 x 1035 mm
The Annunciation

This is indeed one of the best pieces in this Museum and also one of this first to join the primitive collection of Ricardo do Espírito Santo Silva.

Initially composed of four planks, the piece had a different original size. According to recent tests, its lower section was cut on both sides. Prior to this recent modification, the work had been subject to other changes.

The Virgin Mary is represented in the second condition of the Angelic Colloquium of the Mystery of the Annunciation, by Friar  Roberto Caracciolo de Lecce. That is to say, the moment of cogitatio or reflection, in which she considers the Angel’s words, showing prudence.| NS



Fundação Ricardo de Espírito Santo Silva