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LandArt '09 | With discipline

Artistic Residence | Day 24
LandArt '09 | With discipline

Discipline is an essential element for the development of every human being, so too for a group of individuals, a people or a nation. With discipline, time is greater, effort is smaller and disorder hardly ever gets in. With discipline we fasten the achievements, both in politics, work, loving or any other field of life. Mao Tse-Tung knew this and therefore has put this country to "hastily". Not even the animals missed, or objects, or anything, nothing at all. Sometimes one wonders how to apply this discipline, but there it is, working. 

We here, with Latin blood, see things roundly. The fact is, also in our way, we do things, with less discipline, it is true, but not with less art. And art it is, lets go through all the artists, one by one, in this final where discipline is mandatory so all the work is completed on time.

Denis Piel is currently editing a part of the videographic work and finalising the interviews for his project, "Facescapes”.

Michel Batlle has practically completed the triptych that, as we have mentioned in previous editions, will be seen at the Exhibition Center.

Tim Madeira started the last piece to complete his work. The foundations part has already begun.

Marina Carvalho, after seeing her new work, already at the final stage, crippled by a construction worker who mistakenly used bamboos parts, had to return to work. Nothing serious, just fun and excitement because we still have much work ahead in the artistic awareness of the villagers.

Sara Yan carries on with her second work. She already defined the location.

Filipa is at the stage of completing her second as well.

Vasco is also at the final phase of his sculpture, after having placed it on its permanent location.

Rui Pinto Gonçalves is at the last round of construction and preparation of his work’s green spaces. Meanwhile, at the laboratory, he is preparing the latest prints of a "moving picture" work that will be exposed at the Exhibition Center.

The three buildings under construction follow the pace, with the discipline to which everyone is accustomed to. The tea house is finished, the residence in the "finally" and the Exhibition Center still has a few months ahead.

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