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  • Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Lots of Art and imagination for everybody!


  • ArtistLevel Networks | First 18 months of activity
    An unprecedented confluence of concepts

    Bringing together several concepts into one (art portal, artist community network, art education, production of physical events, critical and aesthetic contents), ArtistLevel Networks enhances the visibility of their artists, creating real opportunities for...

  • Realidade vs. Ficção (Reality vs. Fiction) | Palácio das Artes | 2010
    Photo gallery

    The exhibition of 10 artists at the Palácio das Artes - Fábrica dos Talentos in Oporto, brings together works from photography, painting, drawing, going further by interactive installations.

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  • My diary of 'LandArt JiuXian 2009' residency

    Land Art JiuXian artistic residency revealed a dynamic engagement between art, nature and community. It was a unique environment of collaborative and sustainable work, which outlined new questions, new perspectives and new artistic challenges.

  • Ithaka sculpture Interview on Brazilian TV

    Ithaka sculpture Interview on Brazilian TV news: Channel 'Record' (October 13th)

    Commercial Sector 2010


    The deadline for entries is Midnight (GMT) on Sunday 31st October, meaning there are just a few days to go if you would still like to enter your project into the competition, and publish your work to the world’s largest audience of architects, developers...

  • marés | Artemar Estoril 2010
    International Sculpture Exhibition


    "marés" is currently at the International Sculpture Exhibition Artemar Estoril 2010.

    The open air exhibition is a contest promoted by Cascais Municipality (CMC), Cascais Atlântico and Fundação D. Luís I.

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  • Atlantic Axis Painting Biennial
    Fundação da Juventude

    Fundação da Juventude (Youth Foundation) is preparing its intervention for the next Atlantic Axis Painting Biennial edition.

    The next Atlantic Axis Prize event, for young Luso-Galician talents, should be launched January 2011....

  • Restoration & Conservation
    The Alchemy of Restoration

    The nights you had Versailles, Versailles....

    It was during the kingdom of Luís XV that the aclamed vanguardist vision of the french style achieved its highest standards, essentially thanks to...

  • Contemporary Art
    Marina Carvalho

    While exploring the Fibonacci number serie, Marina Carvalho developed a sculpture.

    As the author said herself, “a group of musical notes are volumes. They have a frequency and density, consistency, weight, dimension, form, color, sound and...