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    In the month of June, the Fabrica Braco de Prata devote its programming to expository Eroticism in Art. For 4 weeks, we will try to summon and question the place of eroticism in contemporary art.

  • Natália Gromicho – “My art is my soul”
    by Ramón Casalé

    "I find Natalia Gromicho´s work very interesting, in an expressionist style in which figuration and abstraction merge. The color and shape appear in most of his works, but also as a form of surrealism reality show unintelligible is also present in his pictorial.

  • Contemporary Art bookshop
    at Culturgest

    In February this year, Culturgest opened a bookshop that specialises in contemporary art. It is a small bookshop that will gradually grow in size and whose items are very carefully selected, based on constant research and free of commercial constraints.

  • Ar | Farol Design Hotel (Air | Farol Design Hotel)
    visit the exhibition

    Since November 11 until February 28, an exhibition can be visited at Farol Design Hotel - Cascais, with the theme "Air". In this exhibition the work of Isabel Pinheiro, Miguel Torrado and Sofia Rocio can be seen.

  • Realidade vs. Ficção (Reality vs. Fiction) | Palácio das Artes | 2010
    Photo gallery

    The exhibition of 10 artists at the Palácio das Artes - Fábrica dos Talentos in Oporto, brings together works from photography, painting, drawing, going further by interactive installations.

    See photos

  • Atlantic Axis Painting Biennial
    Fundação da Juventude

    Fundação da Juventude (Youth Foundation) is preparing its intervention for the next Atlantic Axis Painting Biennial edition.

    The next Atlantic Axis Prize event, for young Luso-Galician talents, should be launched January 2011....

  • Contemporary Art
    Filipa Silveira


    Some matter burns, carbonizes and melts, in chemical reactions that in an apparent uncontrolled form seem to know exactly where to achieve.

  • 6 artistlevel.org artists at Estoril Open
    May, 1 to 9

    6 artistlevel’s artists were invited to exhibit at the "Sponsors Village" during Estoril Open.

  • Restoration & Conservation
    The Alchemy of Restoration

    The conditioned longevity, and therefore valuable matter of the fragile, fragile porcelain... takes us to the Chinese Ming Dynasty, between the years of 1368 e 1644, where the Hans witnessed the creation of a series of unique pieces of porcelain.

  • Contemporary Art
    Michel Batlle | LandArt, JiuXian 2009

    Michel Batlle
    from LandArt, JiuXian 2009

    A location, a population, the will and desire to extende concepts and dreams, to share the imaginary and connect the local communities to the artistic projects that surround...