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NICOLE EITNER and the Citizens

Concerto em Lisboa
Fábrica Braço de Prata Sala Nietzsche

NICOLE EITNER and the Citizens

There are secrets that ultimately cannot be kept a secret for long. Nicole Eitner is one of those secrets: German living in Lisbon, singer, pianist and songwriter, Nicole released her new album “I am You” in 2011.

Nicole Eitner’s first recorded solo, Vampires, dates back to 2007. Already then Nicole claimed a profound originality in this work, which allowed her to use the disparate influences of artists like Ella Fitzgerald, Kate Bush, Elizabeth Fraser, David Sylvian or Depeche Mode to create an original sound, deep and full of personality. A sound where her piano skills, with a classical education of twelve years, stand out, enabling her to create disarmingly personal romantic songs. It was thanks to this record that Nicole was chosen to integrate a national "embassy" at the North-American South By Southwest festival, along with David Fonseca, Rita Redshoes, Clan and The Legendary Tigerman in March 2009.

At that event, Nicole was awarded first prize in the SXSW Webchange Hottest Band Competition which will result in a recording session in the legendary Sun Studios in Memphis, the birthplace of the greatest pop icon of all time Elvis Presley.
More recently, it was at a Suzanne Vega concert at the Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval in Sintra that Nicole revealed her charms, thereby revealing the secret and showing everyone who applauded her performance that she possesses a unique voice and artistic vision.
Music that flows along an extensive role of influences, which in her MySpace page ranges from Lenny Kravitz to REM, Bjork to Pink Floyd and Portishead to Arcade Fire, amongst many others, and which are truly just simple signs of a passion that lies in her voice, at her fingertips and that translates itself into audacious songs sprinkled with magic and mystery.

Nicole Eitner and the Citizens released the new album in March 2011 with Nicole on the piano and voices, Miguel Menezes on the double bass, Alexandre Frazão on drums and Viviena Tupikova on the violin.
In March 2011 they were the opening act for Joan as Policewoman's tour with 5 dates in Portugal.